mohamad tabatabai

mohamad tabatabai Poems

1. Ecstasy 5/29/2013
2. Love's Tongue 5/21/2013
3. Hope 9/28/2013
4. Don'T Leave 10/1/2013
5. The Autumn Leaf (2) 11/4/2013
6. By Love 11/12/2013
7. Humanity 12/8/2013
8. Second Life 2/1/2014
9. The Passage Of Years 2/9/2014
10. Our Boat 4/6/2014
Best Poem of mohamad tabatabai

Love's Tongue

Fond of your beauty I deem it wise
To stir your emotions so may rise
And by making little compromise
You may turn to me your charming eyes

Fleshy tongue can not say
What heart reveals right away
Should mighty love leads the way
Its guidance will certainly pay

Hiding feelings to be serene
Hypocricy it may be seen
Utter what you really mean
On what you are certainly keen

Never be ashamed of what you are
No one is better than you so far
Foolish shyness everything may mar
Don't be with your feelings at war
Now, with everybody you'r on par

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