Michael McParland

Biography of Michael McParland

I'm a 31 year old man who's done some traveling in my days and have lived in various places. One day in high school due to inspiration from my friend Kira I decided to try my hand at writing poetry and found I liked it and was adequate at it from the start. Not very good but okay, and since I feel have become a good artist. I try to find inspiration through many things. The Pet Shop Boys and Queen I find a lot of inspiration and ideas, there I find a start from their words. Kira continues to be my greatest inspiration and I thank her eternally for giving me a love of poetry and inspiring me to try it. So thank you my lady fair. I hope people like it. Like my poem says though. Don't like it don't read it. I believe in building people up. There's no need to belittle. We should support one another and not cut down.

Michael McParland's Works:

Maybe one day.

My Friend Kira

I failed my best friend and love Kira in every way there is.
I tried and tried but in the end I fell down and now I deeply cry.
I failed in all I did and now face the bitter scorn,
of a stupid man who's lost the fight even though he tried his best he still lost the battle losing the total score.

I failed my friend my only love.
A beautiful woman named Kira an angel from up above.
I don't know just where I lost.
I'm just to blind and stupid through the journey I got lost.

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