Michael McParland

Biography of Michael McParland

I'm a 31 year old man who done some traveling in my days and have lived in various places. One day due to inspiration from my friend Kira I decided to try my hand at writing poetry and found I liked it and was adequate at it from the start. Not very good but okay and since I feel have become a good artist. I try to find inspiration through many things. The Pet Shop Boys and Queen I find a lot of inspiration and ideas are a start from their words. Kira continues to me my greatest inspiration and I thank her eternally for giving me a love of poetry and inspiring me to try it. So thank you my lady fair. I hope people like it. Like my poem says though. Don't like it don't read it. I believe in building people up.

Michael McParland's Works:

Maybe one day.

My Queen

Oh my queen I'm dedicated to you through the very end.
My love and my awe for you eternally undying and glowing.
I pledged my heart and my life to you so long ago,
and my feelings and loyalties still remain the same.
For the most divinely beautiful woman to have ever graced this land.

You are supreme and my love is undying for you my exquisite queen.
I give my all and drive myself to the very brink to see you smile.
Your happiness and peace mean everything to me.

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