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Brian Johnston
Brian Johnston Bay Area / United States, Male, 72
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Farmer, Video Game/Programer, Physicist
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Physics, Music (Piano & Voice) , English
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  • POEM: Careless Moon by Lora Colon (2/26/2015 8:40:00 PM)

    Simple solution...

    How to handle a woman
    Mark me well I will tell you Sir,
    The way to handle a woman,
    Is to love her
    Merely love her
    Simply love her,
    Love her,
    Love her.

    Harsh reality...
    If she declares your love is the opposite,
    Do you then hate her until she sees the truth?
    Logical perhaps, but I don't advise it

  • POEM: Spring Will Be Late This Year by Lora Colon (2/22/2015 3:08:00 PM)

    My voice joins in to sing with those
    Whose muses learn new harmony
    Our pilgrimage your heart's own door
    In spite of life's cacophony
    In spite of snow or winter's frost
    We wait for words of love and more,
    Prepared to suffer any cost
    Including slightly frozen nose.

  • POEM: Pieces Of Yesterday by Lora Colon (2/20/2015 3:19:00 AM)

    A truly wonderful poem Lora that represents the deep seated feeling of so many of us at times, myself included. Yet in faith I offer this poetic echo that I imagine is closer to God's perspective (If He exists) ! : -)

    The Best-Laid Schemes O' Mice And Men...

    Those pieces of yesterday covered with slime
    Are part of the future too, love that's sublime,
    For those withered flowers on which you still draw,
    Are seeds for tomorrow, not stones in Death's maw.

    All dreams are potential, not cast in cement,
    Christ's death not the victor though God's veil was rent,
    The tomb that was empty, the thorns of Christ's crown,
    No wise man could fathom, or God's wisdom drown.

    Despair of man's promises but if you're wise,
    Still look to the future with hope in your eyes,
    The story that you've judged is not worth the tell
    Might still have denouement that fate cannot quell!

    The future you salvage by cursing your fate
    Is your plan, not God's, which you might contemplate,
    Christ's pain on the cross though defeat in your mind
    Ensuring your future, a Love more than kind!

    The stone which man's wisdom rejected becomes,
    The bearer of our life's most favored outcomes,
    And pain which most men still consider untoward,
    In retrospect is key to final reward.

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  • Brian Johnston (10/9/2014 12:45:00 PM) Post reply

    Well, having tried to teach you things before and failed miserably each time, once more I leap into the breach... HA!

    breach |breCH|
    1 an act of breaking or failing to observe a law, agreement, or code of conduct: a breach of confidence | I sued for breach of contract.
    • a break in relations: a sudden breach between father and son.
    2 a gap in a wall, barrier, or defense, esp. one made by an attacking army.
    3 the vacant space between Brier Edwina's ears, any gigantic lacking of something that may or may not have ever existed...

    You know Bri this is kind of fun (for the writer though possibly never for the reader!) Ha!

    As it turns out when I did a SEARCH FOR 'God's Kind of Poetry' on Poemhunter I found exactly 7 poems that had that title on Poemhunter. It clearly doesn't work however on embedded text in an actual poem that contains the same words. Hope that stating the obvious has finally helped you in some way! Now at least you know how much I care. : -)

    PS: Don't know why you have so much trouble being funny?It seems easy to me! But maybe the trick is for you to 'be all there?'

  • Brian Johnston (5/30/2014 10:04:00 AM) Post reply | Read 1 reply

    There has been another passing of note besides the poet Maya Angelou who, though grievously wounded by life, bounced back to assert her place in Poetry's Hall of Fame and in the hearts of us all. The poet Beauteous Victory, who graced Poemhunter with her passion and her pain has also vanished from our lives, but far more grievously. We do not know her real name, can not commiserate personally with her anymore, or speak to her shared heart by writing poems to her poems. The only part of her that lives now on Poemhunter for any of us now are the 3 poems that she shared with Neethu Panicker and myself that she was not able to erase, and did not ask us to take down.

    Beauteous Victory too was a black woman with great heart, a poet who achieved the upper echelons of Poemhunter's popularity poll. Though we may never know her fate, her voice abides in our hearts. She is now and will be missed. She is now and will be still loved for many years by her friends on Poemhunter.

  • Brian Johnston (5/24/2014 6:07:00 AM) Post reply

    Advice To Young Poets (Rev 1)

    It never is an easy ride
    And I don’t mean to deride,
    But your imaginative sense,
    Far exceeds experience.

    Of course you must learn how to fight,
    Gird your pen for unmanned flight,
    By never making yourself wrong,
    Though your youth sullies the song.

    Youth’s insights are sometimes shallow,
    Tend fields that should stay fallow,
    But plant your grain and pray for rain,
    Do not exaggerate pain.

    Remaining true to you today,
    Welcome muse, chips fall as may,
    Though muse may always be your guide,
    The color’s yours to decide.

    A skeleton the muse gives you!
    Living poems come to view,
    With flesh, with heart poet donates,
    No life served on silver plates.

    A clever title serves your need,
    (And reluctant muse can feed)
    Often gets the juices flowing
    When no sure path is showing.

    A dream can sometimes give release
    To deep feelings seeking peace,
    When you're at war with what you know,
    Offer insight where to go.

    Try to stay close to what you love,
    Don’t waste time on what’s above.
    Know it’s just you that you’re selling,
    Make peace with fears you’re quelling.

    And no, not once forgo the chance
    With living poems to dance
    With humble, breathless savoir-faire,
    Please escort her from her chair.

    Brian Johnston
    May 4 2014

    Please visit the Poet's Notes section of many of my poems for even more comments
    on how I approach writing poetry.


    Poet's Mouth

    I feel sure mine’s a true case of ‘Poet’s Mouth’
    My fans certainly are precocious,
    My goodness, oh they think I’m divine
    They are all itching to be my Valentine.

    I feel sure mine’s a true case of ‘Poet’s Mouth’
    My words like rare jewels are so precious,
    My rhythms like wild bats fly so free
    Folk’s hearts skip a beat when they listen to me.

    I feel sure mine’s a true case of ‘Poet’s Mouth’
    My thoughts like fresh snow truly pristine,
    My rhymes like holy water quite pure
    This confluence shining because I’m demure.

    I feel sure mine’s a true case of ‘Poet’s Mouth’
    My insights are really infectious,
    My verse filled with poetic debris,
    If I wrote free verse they could weaponize me.

    I feel sure mine’s a true case of ‘Poet’s Mouth’
    For high honor I’m certainly fit…..
    How perfect if the first could be me….
    Winner of the Golden Globes (of poetry!)

    Brian Johnston
    March 23,2014

    Please visit the Poet's Notes section of many of my poems for even more comments
    on how I approach writing poetry.


    Impossibly High Standards (Revised)

    Just to be present is a blessed event,
    Arguments about form are just chatter,
    The hour it arrives always filled with portent,
    No competing high purpose will matter.

    For writing a poem’s like creating life,
    An honor to just assist in its birth,
    To battle with muse, fight with clarity’s knife,
    What could there be more important on earth?

    The paper we write on is like Holy Ground,
    Our ink honors life, its fragrance like myrrh,
    To grind mental gears is a world shaking sound,
    Images form, suggest God’s passing blur.

    As rainbows crown rain that brings life to the plain,
    So does new poetry honor its source,
    Heals the soul, mends the heart, abolishes pain,
    Moves emotion along God’s refined course.

    Poems that all of our emptiness purges,
    Poems like river banks guide our essence,
    Until, at long last, humanity merges
    With the vast sea of God's exuberance.

    Brian Johnston
    April 30,2014

    Please visit the Poet's Notes section of many of my poems for even more comments
    on how I approach writing poetry.


    An Appeal To (As Yet) Undiscovered Poets

    Undiscovered poets hear me, to PH draw near,
    This just might be a good chance for your views to ring clear.

    An email address you need to get up and running,
    Huge monkeys it‘s said could really write something stunning.

    So grab paper and pen, come as soon as you canna,
    But don’t forget please sir to bring several banana.

    Enough monkey typewriters might just supplant Shakespeare,
    Given enough time (and assuming plenty of beer.)

    We don’t have all day but trust me. I have a good hunch,
    With banana enough friend we don't think about lunch.

    So let’s all hop to it just see man what we can do,
    If monkey shenanigans truly carry us though.

    Show literary typos the ace in our pocket,
    By lighting the fuse to our post(English) grad rocket.

    Brian Johnston
    May 7,2014

    This Poem requires its own special vocabulary explanation (see below)
    Brian’s bastardized Jamaican English explained….
    ...'PH' - PoemHunter (you know man, the site you be on right now)
    …‘Huge’ – a synonym for ‘a great many’ or ‘a large number of’….
    …’canna’ – a synonym for ‘are able to, ’ or slang for ‘smoke a joint, ’ dare I say it
    .................'cannabis! ' (Serendipitous luck I assure you. I'm not that smart.)
    …’banana’ - the plural form of banana. Hey it's my poem!
    …’supplant’ - a synonym for ‘prove to be better than’ as in ‘my pot’s better than
    .......................your pot’….
    ….’beer’ – an alcoholic beverage you always think you can drink more of….
    …’shenanigans’ – an Irish?word that means ‘horse play’ or ‘sculduggery’….
    …’typos’ – a new hip word comparing Poetry snobs to a misspelled word….
    …’ace in the pocket’ – a way to cheat when playing the card game Poker….
    …’post(English) grad rocket’ - a new poetry craze that English majors can’t crack! ....

    Visit my site for even more comments on writing particular poems and discussion
    of what makes a good poem good. In particular I recommend several letters
    between one of the top poets on the site Tapan Pradman and myself posted under the title of
    'Open Letter #A: To All PoemHunter Poets.' I hope to offer more of these letters in the future.

    But truly the real gifts of this site are the new friends you are sure to find. You may make
    enemies too (in spite of good intentions.) Save the grain, let the chaff blow away in the wind.
    If you have heart and talent you won't need the angry ones who have an axe to grind in any case.

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