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Magdalena Biela
Magdalena Biela Riihimäki / Finland, Female, 42
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MA French, Finnish, English language
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  • POEM: Poetry Heaven by Kim Barney (2/12/2015 4:49:00 AM)

    Dearest friend, you built quite a symbiosis of Talent, Humour, Grace (to quote Sandra!) and I found myself smiling while reading :) ! Thank you in the name of my name and my husband's! He gave me the Biela name, I was simply Magdalena :) . I love the photo you attached, it looks like il camino de Santiago...beautiful...You are wonderfully gifted!

  • POEM: The Occasional Traveler by Daniel Brick (1/26/2015 10:30:00 AM)

    The occasional traveller seems to be the happiest one: his mind has only entrances. Although he may seem lost, he has a goal, a well envisioned goal: In the end he will need to see his journey as a success...The regulars are part of the landscape, like the traffic-lights or the trees...they become melted, blurred, insignificant with their petty countings and schemes...The occasional traveller has the strength to abandon the familiar and to jump into the unknown, alone, with no woman to sweeten his end of the day. This feature of this particular traveller makes me, a woman reader, think: Bravooo! That's a man! Women, as all other regular travellers, come and go, but the Self, the alter ego it is most of the time hard to define on the journey, and, by the end of one's journey this is one thing that counts the most: to find oneself. Everything else is simply landscape. A man, a true man, needs no landscape to define his inner power. All he needs is strong will and respect for his gender, which, by birth, comes with DNA bonuses. The occasional traveller is the winner of this story, the good and the blessed one.

  • POEM: The Occasional Traveler by Daniel Brick (1/26/2015 5:19:00 AM)

    Daniel, you are blessed with the greatest gift of The Seer, in earthly words you are born to feel Art, to see through it, to touch its DNA, its genetics and decode it with elegance, tenderness, love, intelligence, science, as a make-up aesthetic surgeon artist. You should REALLY write a book about poetry, from a critic point of view. I say YES to everything you wrote: you entered my brain, my soul, and really understood my words. As above, so below, as within so without, as the universe so the soul...Blessed you be, my friend!

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