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4/19/2013 6:16:00 AM

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  • Derek Smith (12/6/2013 12:33:00 PM) Post reply

    i am paapa esuman... i write what i see and feel within and around me... got more interesting poems try to read them.

    success they said can be found in education
    that is the only master key
    to develop and build a wealthy nation
    but that is not free

    the impoverish can't afford it
    only attained in schools
    acquired by financially fit
    only comes out to be fools

    forgetting wisdom supersedes all
    knowledge gotten through learning
    ignorance makes them fall
    failing to receive understanding

    wisdom brings authority
    power remains knowledge
    education seeks vanity
    leaving you in bondage

    wisdom is not in the classrooms
    neither found in schools
    we sweep it always with brooms
    and remain fools

    wisdom lie waste on the street
    reaching men to be wise
    calls out with special treat
    for fools to rise

    letting them shine to His glory
    and humbles the pride
    they tell a new story
    and forget the tears they 've cried

    wisdom remains the creator's gift
    gotten from life lessons
    not meant for the subtle and swift
    to the humble is a blessing

    seek wisdom more than education
    to build a great empire
    not a wealthy nation
    wisdom should be our greatest desire

  • Derek Smith (4/22/2013 1:11:00 PM) Post reply

    Imagining how the world will be
    Under a beautiful shady tree
    No one by my side
    At moment am all right
    Sooner i hear an inner voice
    Directed me to make a choice
    To think vast like the ocean
    And remain constant in motion
    How can this small head think vast, i asked
    Remember the God of past, the voice faxed
    Wondering, how the sky contain the mist
    Contemplating how the forest hold it's beast
    My imagination grew wild
    Like a poisonous bile

    Under the shady tree
    I became very free
    I leaned back
    Sudden the clouds turn dark
    My heart begins to beat
    Stomach said, i haven't eat
    Still in my sit
    I remain fit
    The wind blow down many flower
    Sooner it began to shower

    Happy i was under the tree
    From the showers i am free
    There she run
    Like an engine fun
    Escaping the rain
    She run in pain
    Panting like a deer
    Holding her said, oh! my dear
    Though she was wet
    Holding her like my pet
    Where you from she asked
    Next Avenue she faxed
    Shivering with hands in her pocket
    I gently gave out my jacket
    She said you are kind
    Replied never mind

    Sooner the rain stop
    Still no food in my pot
    Can you escort me home
    From this quiet zone
    As we began to walk
    She starts her flattering talk
    Hold her like she is mine
    Having in thought she is fine
    We arrived at her gate
    Almost half past eight
    The house was quiet like a cemetery
    Began to draw its symmetry

    My heart began to ponder
    Leaving my mind to wonder
    I asked where is your mother
    She is a busy barrister
    What of your father
    He is a minister
    She stop to look me cry
    Charlie why
    My answer lies in the sky
    I have to leave baby
    My tummy goes crazy
    What is wrong with it
    Taken too much meat
    No need to worry
    I am sorry

    To strangers you care
    For me, you always there

  • Derek Smith (4/21/2013 8:53:00 AM) Post reply

    Nice poem man.

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