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  • POEM: After Many Cold Winters by Valsa George (10/15/2014 12:31:00 PM)

    Very touching Valsa. Beautifully textured with outstanding detail. Very well written.

  • POEM: The Price of Gold by Achill Ladd (10/13/2014 12:46:00 PM)

    Cracking poem. All over the world people are exploited by the greedy capitalists who take and take and take. Things are going to have to change. People are going to have to wake up.

  • POEM: ~Well Mannered Animals~ by Sero Juan Zerowe (10/13/2014 12:38:00 PM)

    I do not believe that humans are hateful at heart. If I did believe that I would have topped myself long ago. Achill Lad has expressed my own thoughts within his comment.
    I regard you as a true poet Ed because you lay your heart out on the page. Yot are not brainwashed by the mainstream media, nor are you obsessed with writing as though it were a mathamatical exercise.
    This a very good thought provoking poem that has prompted two deeply thoughtful comments so far, Achll Lad's and your response. Don't you dare delete it in a fit of doubt at a later date. It is spot on. Well written.

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  • Anthony Di''anno (10/19/2014 11:35:00 AM) Post reply

    Hi Richard,

    try Forward Poetry (just google their name) they run competitions etc and don't seem to mind if the poem has already been published online. They are what some would call a vanity press, however they have published my poems in three seperate books even though I haven't bought any of them. PM me if you want any more details.

  • Anthony Di''anno (5/29/2014 8:37:00 AM) Post reply


    saying it feels like hell with an o on the end but I thought I had better introduce myself.

    I am just a normal bloke doing normal things. I don't meditate, partake in any new age practise nor do I go around worrying ghosts.

    My faith is held in my belief that we are all poets and we are all vibrationary beings. As such we have the power to create. When I am wandering about my day to day I try to make sense of me and what surrounds me. My poems are the result of that process. I look forward to bumping into you and yours.

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