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  • POEM: Canyon Of Loneliness by RoseAnn V. Shawiak (2/22/2014 3:50:00 PM)

    In the canyon of loneliness the echos carry over from ones life to another.
    Leaving a trail of whispers of doubt along the way.
    For if certainty could ever be creditably fully acquired such a place could not exist.
    An it is upon its very existence that so many beautiful, heart wrenching, sad, angered, every single emotions portraits of memories have been painted in such a vivid manner, that no matter the amount of words it still hard to clearly describe, what was seen, or what was felt.
    A reality so disassociated with our very own, that we do not even recognize it.
    The best illusion is that of a mirrors reflection.
    What you see sometimes depends from which direction you look.

    Awesome thought provoking brilliant poem.

  • POEM: Fallen Riddle by Beauteous Victory (2/15/2014 10:29:00 AM)

    What a beautiful poem, you way with words is truly amazing.

  • POEM: i was there by cynthia carpenter (12/6/2013 11:29:00 AM)

    He meant it was a good line. He was repeating part of one of your line as a compliment.
    Sometimes as much as we hate it, the love does end, not in the heart but in the mind.
    Count the ways lovers can be torn apart, they are as many as the personalities which create the love in the first place.
    Finding love is easy when compared fighting for the time in which you get to keep it.
    It doesn't always smell like roses, and sound off as another forgotten fairytale.
    But there are happy, and good times in which love should always be remembered.

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  • Ace Of Black Hearts (10/29/2013 9:03:00 PM) Post reply

    My opinion is that either is a good sign, because if they are commenting or voting, it means they read your poem.
    Though sometimes I think we lack the willingness to critique, when some of us have the ability to help others fix their mistakes.
    It not so much about judging as much as one would think.
    For me personally, I could have a million 10's or 1's and still it doesn't mean much.
    I prefer the comment all day long, for feedback is so important when you write.
    You both learn about yourself and your readers from it.

  • Ace Of Black Hearts (10/29/2013 5:51:00 PM) Post reply

    Notification: To those who read my poems.
    I will be removing certain selected poems from my poem list and making tiny Ebook called Ace Of Black Hearts: A Poets' Delight.
    Once done I will list it in published works with a link for all to download or read. And I will also list which poems are in it.
    Think of it as adding organization to chaotic mess.

  • Ace Of Black Hearts (1/18/2012 3:12:00 AM) Post reply

    I'm back writing poems for those who don't know yet, when I moved lost the internet for a month. I got it now yeah! ! ! !

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