Melikhaya Zagagana

Bronze Star - 2,323 Points [A youthful graveyard has no wisdom!]

Melikhaya Zagagana Poems

1. Mistaken Identity 6/14/2013
2. Vendors At Heart 9/7/2014
3. Romance 5/24/2014
4. The Man And The Mirror 9/20/2014
5. The Sun Came By 3/9/2015
6. Not For Tears But Smile 7/23/2013
7. A Lament For True Heroes 10/27/2014
8. Fools Of Love 2/23/2015
9. Greed Is Useless 11/15/2014
10. Young Graves 12/7/2014
11. Love Is Not My Trade 10/24/2014
12. Selflessness Redefined 6/21/2013
13. Damage In Somme 5/11/2014
14. Run Soldier Run 6/18/2013
15. My Identity 3/4/2015
16. Between My Maiden And I 2/20/2015
17. Beginning Of The End 2/15/2015
18. Where Is The World? 2/16/2015
19. Biography Of A Coward 2/24/2015
20. Sorrow Everywhere 6/7/2014
21. Intyatyambo Yothando 10/20/2014
22. Crossing The Rubicon 11/5/2014
23. What Does Love Question? 2/18/2015
24. Rocks Of The Sea 1/12/2015
25. The Last Thought Of A Dying Parent 1/13/2015
26. Love And Curse 11/17/2014
27. 'Good Riddance' 10/23/2014
28. Bell Ringers 2/22/2014
29. Only In South Africa 4/27/2014
30. Unstable World 5/4/2014
31. The Story Of The Soap 9/21/2014
32. Small Fishes 9/21/2014
33. Let Me Tell A Friend A Story 9/22/2014
34. Covenant Of Love And Everlasting Happiness 9/27/2014
35. Some Books Are Better To Remain In Trees 9/27/2014
36. Trust Nothing That Desires To Live But Dies 9/29/2014
37. One Thing Death Does And Love Fails To Do 9/29/2014
38. A Dog Culture Common To Non-Dogs 9/29/2014
39. Devine Complication 9/29/2014
40. What Wisdom Is This? 9/30/2014
Best Poem of Melikhaya Zagagana

Mistaken Identity

I'm not the same person
that i use to be
i have forgotten who i was,
for me nothing works for good
in the world of ordinary dreams
but i know it now
it would have been a journey
of common dreams and same roads, pity
i have overgrown-ed earthly fellows
i know now, we just two mountains
with a distance in-between that
will never be one
i'm sorry but i tried and
i'm sorry that i tried.
I will always remember you,
my friends and broken lovers
it was a cloud of mistaken identity.

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Between My Maiden And I

I took a walk by light regard
It was merely a night fling habit
It often occurred after supper rush
My Maiden would not care to quest
She would make her face mourn
And pout with folded arms disally
And couch herself tight or upright
I would bring us fruit in the wilderness
But the journey would not be shared

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