Melikhaya Zagagana

Bronze Star - 2,323 Points [A youthful graveyard has no wisdom!]

Melikhaya Zagagana Poems

1. Where The Stars Fail To Shine 6/18/2013
2. Raw Deal 6/18/2013
3. Who Would Have Thought Of A Bluff? 6/18/2013
4. Price Of Obedience 6/19/2013
5. Selflessness Redefined 6/21/2013
6. I Want To Write A Poem That Says 6/24/2013
7. I Had No Shoes 7/2/2013
8. Message To My Old Friend 7/3/2013
9. Injurious Numbers 7/16/2013
10. Forgive Me, I'M Overwise 7/22/2013
11. Not For Tears But Smile 7/23/2013
12. And The Aids Says 7/2/2013
13. Forever In Feud 12/22/2013
14. A Tick In The Neck 12/27/2013
15. I Dreamed A Day 12/27/2013
16. Indiginous Kind 12/27/2013
17. When I Love 1/3/2014
18. Nkanti Nam Ndinenduku! 1/17/2014
19. Missing Roses 1/17/2014
20. Fallible Season 1/18/2014
21. When A Poet Runs 1/18/2014
22. Grey Season 1/26/2014
23. A Word For My Son 1/26/2014
24. In The Name Of Love I Commit 2/2/2014
25. A Flag In Sadness 2/2/2014
26. Covets Of The Lost Orchid 2/8/2014
27. Truth Beyond Rubies 2/16/2014
28. Admiring Dave 2/16/2014
29. Disunity 2/21/2014
30. Without You Without Me 2/23/2014
31. In A Hunt For Treasure I Sing A Song 3/1/2014
32. The Silence The Decoder 3/10/2014
33. I Needed To Have A Poem Laid 3/10/2014
34. Double Crossing 3/8/2014
35. A Shallow Thought Sinked A Frog 3/8/2014
36. Black Cremation 3/8/2014
37. Silence And Contemplation 3/8/2014
38. Fall Of Men 3/8/2014
39. Death Is Still True 3/16/2014
40. Inevitable End... 3/16/2014
Best Poem of Melikhaya Zagagana

A Lament For True Heroes

Africa! true heroes have all passed, awake
Now is time for new heroes to come
To save this land from imminent vibrations
Africa is the first Africa is the last of our own
Save Africa from annex and hunger for gold

Come heroes, awake Africa our home
Africa will soon be nothing but a bare field
Hundreds of ships are laden with gold daily dancing away
The beauty of Africa is coming to a weeping end
Urgently, urgently i'm in search for heroes

I feel the remains of the old humming in silence
The best of Africa has a white man's name
Let us unite forces ...

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Raw Deal

I'm bleeding darling
my undecided destiny
unbecoming dreams and
delayed fortunes
Through the back alley
i fled away, i will not be
seeing your lazy morning
smiles; i fled with my
sack of myriad promises
though my bleeding heart is
readily missing in vain, i
must disappear without a knowing soul.

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