Maxine Kumin

Maxine Kumin Poems

1. Woodchucks 1/20/2003
2. Purgatory 1/20/2003
3. In the Park 1/20/2003
4. The Hermit Goes Up Attic 1/20/2003
5. Together 2/6/2015
6. Pantoum, with Swan 2/5/2015
7. Sonnets Uncorseted 12/20/2014
8. Morning Swim -new- 2/23/2015

Pantoum, with Swan

Bits of his down under my fingernails
a gob of his spit behind one ear
and a nasty welt where the nib of his beak
bit down as he came. It was our first date.

A gob of his spit behind one ear,
his wings still fanning. I should have known better,
I should have bitten him off on our first date,
and yet for some reason I didn't press charges;

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