Maurice Hewlett

(1861-1923 / England)

Poems of Maurice Hewlett

1. In The Trenches 10/5/2010
2. Leto's Child 10/5/2010
3. Oreithyia 10/5/2010
4. Prologue To The Argive Women 10/5/2010
5. Soldier, Soldier 10/5/2010
6. To The Belgians 10/5/2010

To The Belgians


O men of mickle heart and little speech,
Slow, stubborn countrymen of heath and plain,
Now have ye shown these insolent again
That which to Cæsar's legions ye could teach,
That slow-provok'd is long-provok'd. May each
Crass Cæsar learn this of the Keltic grain,
Until at last they reckon it in vain

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