matt fromm

Rookie (march 24 1982 / los angels, ca.)

Biography of matt fromm

matt fromm poet

Heavely influenced by Iggy Pop, Charles Bukowski, Jack Kerouac, Batman, William Buroughs, Miles Davis, George Carlin, and of course... suicidal tendencies Updates

It's Hard To Get Away

I dug my own grave threw myself in and layd there with out a care in the world.
Then my grave began to fill itself,
Instead of dirt it was all todays newspapers and gossip rags.
I opened my eyes and began to read;
Brad Pitt takes shit,
George Clooney said to be pregnant,
Angelina Jolie gives the sieg heil to the pope,
American Idol executives said to be responsible for war in Iraq,
Gov. Schwarzenegger passes bill allowing every homo-sexual and Latino to be beaten to death with par

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