Marie Daniels

Marie Daniels Poems

1. Drunk (2) 5/7/2013
2. Drunk (1) 5/7/2013
3. Fourteen 5/7/2013
4. Untitled Ii 5/7/2013
5. Jamais 5/7/2013
6. Things I Tried To Say... 5/7/2013
7. Untitled Iii 5/7/2013
8. The Room 5/24/2013
9. Grandad 6/4/2013
10. Ice Queen 6/7/2013
11. Once Upon A Time 7/18/2013
12. Single Bed 7/18/2013
13. Counting 5/7/2013
14. Teenage Years 5/7/2013
15. Little Lies 9/18/2013
16. Sleeping 9/18/2013
17. Love Letters 9/18/2013
18. Lessons 1/27/2014
19. Second Best 5/7/2013
20. Untitled 5/7/2013
21. Friendship [relit] 5/7/2013
22. Come Home (Please) 5/7/2013
23. Reading Aloud 5/7/2013
24. Useless 5/7/2013
25. Alone At 2: 39 Am 6/4/2013
Best Poem of Marie Daniels

Alone At 2: 39 Am

In the dead of the darkest night,
in the most pitch black sky,
a girl is sobbing in her bed
between her gasps and her sighs -
and she is covered in ink
as she writes she wants to die.
That night was the night
when she finally understood
how the deepest thoughts
and horrible memories could
pain someone so much, that they
hurt themselves the way they would.
In the dead of the darkest night,
the girl, she sits up late
and counts everything
about herself that she hates -
and she, on this day vows,
love will seldom return her to this ...

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Friendship [relit]

I sit with you, both of us
in deep and dark and underground
and we prod things with sticks
and I prod your heart.

They say you don’t know your best friend until you sit with them in a deep dark place
and until you see the colour drain from their face and the fire in their heart extinguish. Never
forget the day that I got to know you better and
despite the day

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