M.D Dinesh Nair

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M.D Dinesh Nair Poems

1. A Face With A Difference 6/16/2013
2. Let Us Have Mummies Of Our Present As Well 6/16/2013
3. My Seasons Have No Concerns.. 6/16/2013
4. Shelter Home 6/16/2013
5. Tears 6/16/2013
6. The Arrow Shot Without An Archer 6/16/2013
7. The Confessors 6/16/2013
8. The Frown Of The Other Roses 6/16/2013
9. The Girl Who Loved Her Own Shadow 6/16/2013
10. The Paradox 6/16/2013
11. If I Were God 6/16/2013
12. Translating Our Thoughts.... 6/16/2013
13. When Gardens Begin To Die 6/16/2013
14. When My Dreams Say, ' We Are No More There' 6/16/2013
15. The Irony Of Kedarnath 6/22/2013
16. The Road Never To Be Taken 6/22/2013
17. Deluge 6/16/2013
18. Five Triplets 6/16/2013
19. I Want To Write Poems Like Hen Laying Eggs, But... 6/16/2013
20. Beneath Your Skies 6/16/2013
21. As The Third Eye Opens 6/16/2013
22. A Reeling For All 6/16/2013
23. A Little Teacher 6/16/2013
24. The Abodes Of Gods 6/22/2013
25. Tell Me Why.. 6/23/2013
26. Monsoon Triplets 6/24/2013
27. Where Are You My Lad? 6/27/2013
28. The Irony Of A Concept 6/29/2013
29. As They Pray, I Close My Eyes.... 7/1/2013
30. A Few Perceptions 7/4/2013
31. My Donkey Has To Keep Quiet 7/5/2013
32. The Blunders On Nature`s Infinity 7/5/2013
33. Sleep, His Brother And Me... 7/7/2013
34. The July Triplets 7/14/2013
35. The Musings Of A Lover 6/30/2013
36. When I Am Alone 6/29/2013
37. A Race Of Newer Times 6/22/2013
38. An Escapist`s Reasons 6/22/2013
39. Come With Me, Dear 7/27/2013
40. The Woman In The Village 6/16/2013
Best Poem of M.D Dinesh Nair

The Bull In The City [ 'Nagaramlo Vrushabham' ]


'Nagaramlo Vrushabham' is a popular Telugu poem written by Srirangam Srinivasarao [Sri Sri ].
Here is the translation of it in English.


Chewing the cud with his half shut eyes
Without moving or shifting an inch
Perhaps with the memories from his previous birth
On the main road of the city
The bull stood casually.

The bull in the heart of the city-
As if he is the right owner of the road
Leaving the responsibility to the times
Heckling the scampering of the ...

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A Reeling For All

My students reel under the burden of new knowledge!
Whereas I stuff their minds with my old fables.
I read out a verse of Auden or Tagore
And begin to think of a great poet remembered.
But my students continue to reel under the Sun
Of new opportunities in the next phase of theirs.

My students of past are now in tens of thousands
Making dollars in the land of the kangaroos below the Indian Ocean

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