Luscious Larry

['The Big Wad'] (4/1/69 / Greece)

Poems of Luscious Larry

1. Daydreaming At Work 1/1/2013
2. First Night Ever in the Ring (Hershey, PA) 12/28/2012
3. High Sierra 1/3/2013
4. Ode to Fall 12/31/2012
5. She Gets Lunch In the City 1/1/2013
6. That Night in Philly 12/28/2012
7. The Fry Cook 12/28/2012

Daydreaming At Work

On a snowy canvas, I splashed her
down with bare, brown, freckled
shoulders. With mirrors everywhere,
she crams both purple fists into a
ball and squeezes them between
the autumn of her thighs.
She looks up at the universe and
her blind eye asks me tenderly:
Is it in you?

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