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Biography of Luis Estable

I`ve been writing poetry for many years and every single day I get deeper and deeper into it. Of the so many styles of poetry I have managed to write there are sonnets, songs, children`s verses, haikus, blank verse, free verse.

Poetry is the language of the mind of the soul and the most compact form of expression.

Luis Estable's Works:

I have published a book, 'One Hundred Sonnets, Book Three.' If you would like a copy, go to Barnes and Nobel, or to and type my name: Luis Estable, or the name of the book, and you will see. Please, I would be more than graceful if you could pass the word around, and if you purchase a book you would make me quite happy and much thanks goes to you.

Thank you!

Luis EStable

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In You

In you what rose I see
That`s killing all the flowers
That male eyes do shower
For they possess true beauty.

But you are just the only
Compared to a tall Goddess,
More sacret than pure Mary
And then Helena prettier.

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