Treasure Island

LOVE_AND HATE_ Lyle Ashwyn Holland

(22-JUNE-1989 / RIVERLEA, JOHANNESBERG, South Africa)

Biography of LOVE_AND HATE_ Lyle Ashwyn Holland

I am Lyle Ashwyn Holland,
initials: L.A.H.,
alias Love_And_Hate.
I have done work as a rapper artist before signing up on this site, although I've always shared a love for poetry.
After all, rap is poetry as well. But rap was getting bored. For me and poetry always seemed more deep. So I decided to try preparing some poetry of my own too.
Its something everyone can relate to, its just like the simple lyrics to a song without a beat but it does share the rhythm like deep words of a poet flowing off the pounding from a drum, the same way these words from my poetry flows out through the pounding of my heartbeat. Well, anyway, this is me, my poetry, my passion of it, my love and my heartbreak, my life, my despair, my experiences, my stories of good and evil, pain and joy, all of the 'Love And Hate'_
The yin and yang. All of the pleasure is mine to share this with you. My life's work. And I owe God all the glory, for He works through me. Blessing me with a talent to bless you... Updates

'The Inspiration' Part.3

What do you require,
What do you desire,
I can't write about anything...
Unless I go through it 1st.
So Life Is like my Fire_

Where do you want to Aspire,
Who do you want to Inspire,
Can you write about many things...

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