Louise Labe

(1524 - 1566 / France)

Poems of Louise Labe

1. I Flee The City, Temples, And Each Place 4/6/2010
2. Long-Felt Desires 4/6/2010
3. Sonnet I 11/8/2012
4. Sonnet III 11/8/2012
5. Sonnet VII 11/8/2012
6. Sonnet VIII 11/8/2012
7. Sonnet XI 11/8/2012
8. Sonnet XIV 11/8/2012
9. Sonnet XVIII 11/8/2012
10. Sonnet XXIII 11/8/2012
11. Sonnet XXIV 11/8/2012
12. While Yet These Tears 4/6/2010

Long-Felt Desires

Long-felt desires, hopes as long as vain--
sad sighs--slow tears accustomed to run sad
into as many rivers as two eyes could add,
pouring like fountains, endless as the rain--
cruelty beyond humanity, a pain
so hard it makes compassionate stars go mad
with pity: these are the first passions I've had.
Do you think love could root in my soul again?
If it arched the great bow back again at me,

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