Louise Gluck

(22 April 1943 / New York / United States)

Louise Gluck Poems

41. The Garden 1/1/2004
42. The Gold Lily 1/1/2004
43. The Myth Of Innocence 3/21/2015
44. The Past 6/18/2015
45. The Pond 1/1/2004
46. The Racer's Widow 6/24/2015
47. The Red Poppy 1/1/2004
48. The Silver Lily 1/1/2004
49. The Triumph Of Achilles 1/1/2004
50. The Untrustworthy Speaker 1/1/2004
51. The White Lilies 1/1/2004
52. The Wild Iris 1/1/2004
53. Vespers 1/1/2004
54. Widows 1/1/2004
Best Poem of Louise Gluck

Celestial Music

I have a friend who still believes in heaven.
Not a stupid person, yet with all she knows, she literally talks to God.
She thinks someone listens in heaven.
On earth she's unusually competent.
Brave too, able to face unpleasantness.

We found a caterpillar dying in the dirt, greedy ants crawling over it.
I'm always moved by disaster, always eager to oppose vitality
But timid also, quick to shut my eyes.
Whereas my friend was able to watch, to let events play out
According to nature. For my sake she intervened
Brushing a few ants off the torn thing, and set it ...

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All Hallows

Even now this landscape is assembling.
The hills darken. The oxen
Sleep in their blue yoke,
The fields having been
Picked clean, the sheaves
Bound evenly and piled at the roadside
Among cinquefoil, as the toothed moon rises:

This is the barrenness

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