Lilly Emery

Gold Star - 5,255 Points [Poetic Lilly Emery] (02111 Massachusetts Boston)

Lilly Emery Poems

1. We Are, All Of Us, Molded And Remolded 4/14/2015
2. Shining Star 4/15/2015
3. Meadows Of Time 4/15/2015
4. Dreams Are Like Stars 4/15/2015
5. Forget Me Not 4/15/2015
6. My Thoughts 4/15/2015
7. Autumn Is The Season 4/15/2015
8. Autumn Leaves 4/15/2015
9. My Pen Is Uncapped 4/15/2015
10. A True Poetess Writes 4/15/2015
11. The Black Seed 4/15/2015
12. My Poetess Mind I Do Write 4/15/2015
13. The Dance Of Dark Angel 4/15/2015
14. A Dream Within A Dream 4/15/2015
15. Stolen Moments 4/15/2015
16. I Am A Classical Character 4/16/2015
17. Lover Spat 4/16/2015
18. In The Twilight Of Love 4/16/2015
19. Casting A Spell On Me 4/16/2015
20. I Will Give You My Heart 4/16/2015
21. Winters Memories 4/16/2015
22. Shadows Of The Night 4/17/2015
23. While The Night Is Still Young 4/17/2015
24. Dark Wings 4/18/2015
25. Your Words 4/20/2015
26. Where Do You Come From 4/20/2015
27. Burning Hearts 4/20/2015
28. Wind's Are Dark Roaring At The Sea 4/20/2015
29. Rialto Bridge 4/20/2015
30. My Mothers Seeds 4/20/2015
31. Queen Of Dreams 4/20/2015
32. A Night Of Goodbye 4/21/2015
33. My Quandary 4/21/2015
34. Whisper Of My Heart 4/21/2015
35. Rain Showers Of Pain 4/21/2015
36. To Be Alone 4/22/2015
37. My Heart Traveled 4/22/2015
38. Ice In His Veins 4/22/2015
39. Autumn Leaves In Memories 4/23/2015
40. Your Soul Is A True Shining Star 4/23/2015
Best Poem of Lilly Emery

If Only I Can See You At The End Of The Horizon

If only I can see you at the end of the horizon
I don’t need a map to know where my heart needs to run
when I know it will only run to you
There wasn't a moment that we was apart
we shine like the north star
you lite a fire into my heart
that burns so high into the night for life
If only I can see you at the end of the horizon of our love
I know I will be just fine in life
but in time I see our love got carried away with the wind
the rain starting pouring down again
I found myself not able to sleep without you holding me
the old flowers that we planted ...

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Falling Angels

Falling Angels

Darkness has fallen from the sky
the ground is wet with all the rain that is pouring down
All the angels of sadness crying out their tears
for all the world to hear
Angel of lost with no hope of light
Angel of lost dreams making fright
for the sleepers minds

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