Lilly Emery

Silver Star - 4,468 Points [Poetic Lilly Emery] (02111 Massachusetts Boston)

Lilly Emery Poems

1. My Poetess Mind I Do Write 4/15/2015
2. The Dance Of Dark Angel 4/15/2015
3. A Dream Within A Dream 4/15/2015
4. Stolen Moments 4/15/2015
5. I Am A Classical Character 4/16/2015
6. Lover Spat 4/16/2015
7. In The Twilight Of Love 4/16/2015
8. Casting A Spell On Me 4/16/2015
9. I Will Give You My Heart 4/16/2015
10. Winters Memories 4/16/2015
11. Shadows Of The Night 4/17/2015
12. While The Night Is Still Young 4/17/2015
13. Dark Wings 4/18/2015
14. Your Words 4/20/2015
15. Where Do You Come From 4/20/2015
16. Burning Hearts 4/20/2015
17. Wind's Are Dark Roaring At The Sea 4/20/2015
18. Rialto Bridge 4/20/2015
19. My Mothers Seeds 4/20/2015
20. Queen Of Dreams 4/20/2015
21. A Night Of Goodbye 4/21/2015
22. My Quandary 4/21/2015
23. Whisper Of My Heart 4/21/2015
24. Rain Showers Of Pain 4/21/2015
25. To Be Alone 4/22/2015
26. My Heart Traveled 4/22/2015
27. Ice In His Veins 4/22/2015
28. Autumn Leaves In Memories 4/23/2015
29. Your Soul Is A True Shining Star 4/23/2015
30. Tumble Down Comes More Pain 4/23/2015
31. A Dark Compelling World 4/23/2015
32. I Am A Woman With A Poetic Hand 4/23/2015
33. Hunted By A Darken Soul 4/23/2015
34. Daring Tongue 4/24/2015
35. Love Will Be Our Luxury 4/24/2015
36. Tumbleweed Of Time 4/24/2015
37. I Protest The Chain Of Love 4/24/2015
38. Weep My Darken Queen 4/24/2015
39. O Battles Of The Night 4/24/2015
40. Dark Angel Stands Near 4/24/2015
Best Poem of Lilly Emery

A Black Rose Is What He Given Me

A Black Rose is what he given me
When darkness becomes the glory of a Black Rose
When gone is gone and darkness holds on
When a Black Rose holds all the game of fame
A Black Rose, is what he handed me
Glistening in the night rain, hold on to pain
A sign, a symbol, of his darkness
An insignia of loss, from heaven above
It’s the Flower of Darkness
the old kiss of death
Lying in wait of September
The old velvet moon shines on dime
You cold see in Dark Angels eyes the hurt of his own lies
In his hand he holds a Black Rose
the possession of what he ...

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Fallen Hard

Fallen Hard
I found you around town
walking like a lost clown
Like you had fallen hard when you hit the ground
torment is all you know
pain is what you bring
dark rain is on its way
You are a dark angel
That had been pushed out from heaven

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