Lilly Emery

Lilly Emery Poems

1. We Are, All Of Us, Molded And Remolded 4/14/2015
2. Shining Star 4/15/2015
3. Meadows Of Time 4/15/2015
4. Dreams Are Like Stars 4/15/2015
5. Forget Me Not 4/15/2015
6. My Thoughts 4/15/2015
7. Autumn Is The Season 4/15/2015
8. Autumn Leaves 4/15/2015
9. My Pen Is Uncapped 4/15/2015
10. A True Poetess Writes 4/15/2015
11. The Black Seed 4/15/2015
12. My Poetess Mind I Do Write 4/15/2015
13. The Dance Of Dark Angel 4/15/2015
14. A Dream Within A Dream 4/15/2015
15. Stolen Moments 4/15/2015
16. I Am A Classical Character 4/16/2015
17. Lover Spat 4/16/2015
18. In The Twilight Of Love 4/16/2015
19. Casting A Spell On Me 4/16/2015
20. I Will Give You My Heart 4/16/2015
21. Winters Memories 4/16/2015
22. Shadows Of The Night 4/17/2015
23. While The Night Is Still Young 4/17/2015
24. Dark Wings 4/18/2015
25. Your Words 4/20/2015
26. Where Do You Come From 4/20/2015
27. Burning Hearts 4/20/2015
28. Wind's Are Dark Roaring At The Sea 4/20/2015
29. Rialto Bridge 4/20/2015
30. My Mothers Seeds 4/20/2015
31. Queen Of Dreams 4/20/2015
32. No More Lies 4/21/2015
33. My Quandary 4/21/2015
34. Whisper Of My Heart 4/21/2015
35. Rain Showers Of Pain 4/21/2015
36. To Be Alone 4/22/2015
37. My Heart Traveled 4/22/2015
38. Ice In His Veins 4/22/2015
39. Autumn Leaves In Memories 4/23/2015
40. Your Soul Is A True Shining Star 4/23/2015
Best Poem of Lilly Emery

If Only I Can See You At The End Of The Horizon

If only I can see you at the end of the horizon
I don’t need a map to know where my heart needs to run
when I know it will only run to you
There wasn't a moment that we was apart
we shine like the north star
you lite a fire into my heart
that burns so high into the night for life
If only I can see you at the end of the horizon of our love
I know I will be just fine in life
but in time I see our love got carried away with the wind
the rain starting pouring down again
I found myself not able to sleep without you holding me
the old flowers that we planted ...

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Shining Star

What a night with an endless sight
A star that shine so bright in the night
in my room I held on to you
making dreams all over again with true
brightness of you
Your love that shines so bright in my life
Your sweet gentle touch I love so much
You are that shining star that touched my heart
Sunset and evening truly calls out your name

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