Lilly Emery

Lilly Emery Poems

1. Looking Through Old Pictures 5/25/2015
2. Old Flame A Burning 5/25/2015
3. Stars Of Memories 5/25/2015
4. Fallen Angel/ Dark Angel 5/25/2015
5. My Master Takes Hold 5/25/2015
6. Into My Darken Room 5/25/2015
7. The Battle Field 5/25/2015
8. Your A Heart Breaker 5/26/2015
9. This Old Darken World 5/26/2015
10. Russian Roulette 5/26/2015
11. Without You Next To Me 5/27/2015
12. Redeeming Love 5/27/2015
13. A Night Of Longing 5/27/2015
14. Taking A Journey 5/27/2015
15. A Short Time Ago 5/28/2015
16. Let Our Love Last Forever 5/28/2015
17. Losing Faith 5/28/2015
18. Ugly Dogs Bark 5/28/2015
19. You Are My Passion 5/29/2015
20. I Hear You Call My Name 5/29/2015
21. I See Smoke From Far 5/29/2015
22. Leaving Me Broken 5/29/2015
23. I Would'Ve Agreed 5/29/2015
24. Did You Build All Those Bridges 5/29/2015
25. I Sit In Silence 5/29/2015
26. Where There Is Love 5/29/2015
27. Moved On Without You 5/29/2015
28. Stealthy In The Gloom 5/29/2015
29. We Belong Together 5/29/2015
30. Suddenly Darken 5/29/2015
31. His Love I Hold 5/29/2015
32. I Dreamed Of Everlasting Love 5/29/2015
33. Where Do You Come From 5/29/2015
34. Your Words Cut Deep Within My Soul 5/29/2015
35. Night Falls 5/29/2015
36. Darkness In The Air 5/29/2015
37. Too Many Years Past 5/29/2015
38. If You Would Let Me 5/29/2015
39. If You Would Let Me Trouser You 5/29/2015
40. Incandescent Rose 5/29/2015
Best Poem of Lilly Emery

If Only I Can See You At The End Of The Horizon

If only I can see you at the end of the horizon
I don’t need a map to know where my heart needs to run
when I know it will only run to you
There wasn't a moment that we was apart
we shine like the north star
you lite a fire into my heart
that burns so high into the night for life
If only I can see you at the end of the horizon of our love
I know I will be just fine in life
but in time I see our love got carried away with the wind
the rain starting pouring down again
I found myself not able to sleep without you holding me
the old flowers that we planted ...

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Meadows Of Time

Love always find away
But then the wind always
blows in the weeds of another day
Love will always shine on high
even in the darkest nights
Love will always shine through the
meadows of time
Even in the fountains of hate
God will always make way to clear

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