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[Lilly Emery]

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To those who hurt and hunger
To those who Love and knows Love
My special thank to all my readers
and even my haters.
I work very hard on my poems
When I was a child, I like to hear the old tell their story's me of there lives when they were younger, and how they had fail deeply in love.
My tears had always overflowed from heart bursting with joy for there happiness. I would dream one day I would meet my Prince and fall in Love.
Well it hasn't happen yet but my heart will never give up.Dear Readers:
Thank you for taking the time to read my work. I hope you find it useful and inspiring and somewhat entertaining. I came up with my own writing idea that came from heart and life. I know the dark and the light of life. I do love Jehovah God, and I do have my haters as well God bless my beautiful hater, They are my best audience I have. And bless the good friends and brothers and sisters of Jehovah Witness I Love You all. I know I have my up's and downs like all, I am taking hold of what I once known that was the true God Jehovah, I am taken steps to coming back to what I believe in. You may find I do write about Dark Angel, It is a book I am on. It is something I am loving to write it has the bad and the good in it. But it will be sometime before it will be through. I imagine the reasons for this book to be written, I prayed about it, I even hesitate at times to write it, I would never want people to feel I love what is bad. I would never put Jehovah's name out in about way never, I love my God Jehovah no matter what. My writing of this book is fiction but it is dark, but nothing can ever stop the true love of God's light to shine in. So this book will be fun and deep, hurt as well as inspiring. I do write lot's of poems and I am in some books. I have all my poem's cope written. Writing is a big part of my life, This is what makes me whole. I want to say to the world thank you for reading, and I would like to say to all who loves me thank you for always watching me grow to a better writer. Without all of you I would be nothing, 'Hey, in life are a lot of things, the good and the bad, Love and Hate. So what my haters do to me I don't take in my heart no more. I see their life must be very bad to look down on another. ''Can you imagine, to feel you don't have a right to be....well, to be your own person? Something had to give. I know I didn't want my life to stay lost in the dark like that no more. But some hadn't found their way out so my prayers are with you all forever. Agape to all :)

Lilly Emery's Works:

I am writing a book on Dark Angel
and I do write poetry Updates

My Life Is To Cold

My Life Is To Cold
There is a great deal of depression that has
Overtaken my soul of long ago
I was lost running around in the dark
Making friends with dark sins
I had no more control over what is right or wrong
It was becoming a very sad song
The rain floods deep within me
I could no longer find away out of the life I made

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