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Lilly Emery

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Biography of Lilly Emery

To my readers who have been reading my work
watching me grow into a better writer and poet,
I want to say thank you for always believing in me
thank you for giving me wings to fly.
To my kids and grand kids you are my heart you are the beauty of me. I found my courage watching you all grow, I love you.
I Love to write poetry because its a big part of me It helps me to exorcise what I believe in and what I don't or at least make peace with the darker
part of my life the ghosts from a beaten past I would never wish upon no one.Dark Angel I do write a lot about, its a book I'm working on as well as poetry and freelance writing, my poems are my own pains and rains that I have made it into a fiction story.
I do know my work gets some what sloppy, But i try my very best to work on it. Yes, I even had some people trying to be me or look down on my work, but I can't let things like that stop me, My poems are who I am. I am a poetic writer and growing to be a better one at that, only time will tell.
My poem, Dream of Freedom, speaks bluntly and truth plainly of the suicidal thoughts experienced while lost in a life of darkness, 'I can see freedom in my visions I feel love from my God.............
I write my pains the beast I know how, The traps of Dark Angel and all his lies to keep me on the dark side of life, this pain is like a sharp razor in my back, a pain I truly want to forget.I try so hard to describes the pains of what loneliness I lived as a child with a mother of hate and a family of dis-function, I truly had no family to call my own.
That was then in the past of darkness they hold the cord of hate and dark lies,
I had made my Poetry a Creative outlet for me to breath and share with the world. I made my poem
a fiction story, I also right other poems of positive outlooks to keep me moving along,
So far you all have been so beautiful to keep my poems alive, I considered what makes poetry come to life is live it dream it write it,
God bless you all
Lilly Emery

I have seen you all have examined my poetic minds of all time the good and the bad, dark and gloom.
Certain aspects of it's form, You have tried so hard to be sensitive to the tone of the sea of the atmosphere of my poems
as your mind roams to find true meaning of what
is going on in my poetic mind,
But darkness of true sadness came your way
even in the light of your days
This darkness of true sadness takes you deep
on a journey that had only belong to me,
You come to find what it is that holds me down
You will call it what you find of my true poetic mind everything that I write of it's true actions
of characters of a life I once lived,
Setting in deep darkness of a language of it's kind
The tone of true point of view
The true atmosphere of fear what comes near
the true meaning of poetic Lilly's Life,
The preconception and knowledge I do write
only I have the key to my own poetry.

Lilly Emery

Lilly Emery's Works:

Yes I am in books and I have all my pages (c) copyright Updates

Suddenly Darkness

Suddenly Darkness

Death be not proud, though some have called it home
People talks with hate in their hearts
Spiraling down with broken wings darkness is what
they breath,

Suddenly Dark Angel came for rain
Mighty and dreadful that comes in dreams

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