Li Shangyin

Poems of Li Shangyin

1. A Cicada 8/13/2012
2. A Message to Secretary Linghu 8/13/2012
3. Chang-Er 8/13/2012
4. Falling Petals 8/13/2012
5. In the Camp of the Sketching Brush 8/13/2012
6. Jiasheng 8/13/2012
7. North Among Green Vines 8/13/2012
8. Note on a Rainy Night to a Friend in the North 8/13/2012
9. Spring Rain 8/13/2012
10. The Han Monument 8/13/2012
11. The Inlaid Harp 8/13/2012
12. The Jade Pool 8/13/2012
13. The Leyou Tombs 8/13/2012
14. The Palace of the Sui Emperor 8/13/2012
15. The Sui Palace 8/13/2012
16. There Is Only One 8/13/2012
17. Thoughts in the Cold 8/13/2012
18. To One Unnamed 8/13/2012
19. To One Unnamed I 8/13/2012
20. To One Unnamed II 8/13/2012

The Han Monument

The Son of Heaven in Yuanhe times was martial as a god
And might be likened only to the Emperors Xuan and Xi.
He took an oath to reassert the glory of the empire,
And tribute was brought to his palace from all four quarters.
Western Huai for fifty years had been a bandit country,
Wolves becoming lynxes, lynxes becoming bears.
They assailed the mountains and rivers, rising from the plains,
With their long spears and sharp lances aimed at the Sun.
But the Emperor had a wise premier

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