Li Shangyin

Li Shangyin Poems

1. The Palace Of The Sui Emperor 8/13/2012
2. The Leyou Tombs 8/13/2012
3. The Sui Palace 8/13/2012
4. To The Moon Goddess 8/13/2012
5. The Jade Pool 8/13/2012
6. A Message To Secretary Linghu 8/13/2012
7. In The Camp Of The Sketching Brush 8/13/2012
8. North Among Green Vines 8/13/2012
9. Wind And Rain 8/13/2012
10. Jiasheng 8/13/2012
11. Chang-Er 8/13/2012
12. The Inlaid Harp 8/13/2012
13. To One Unnamed Iii 8/13/2012
14. Note On A Rainy Night To A Friend In The North 8/13/2012
15. Thoughts In The Cold 8/13/2012
16. The Han Monument 8/13/2012
17. Spring Rain 8/13/2012
18. There Is Only One 8/13/2012
19. To One Unnamed I 8/13/2012
20. Falling Petals 8/13/2012
21. To One Unnamed V 8/13/2012
22. To One Unnamed 8/13/2012
23. Willow 8/13/2012
24. To One Unnamed Ii 8/13/2012
25. To One Unnamed Iv 8/13/2012
26. A Cicada 8/13/2012
Best Poem of Li Shangyin

A Cicada

Pure of heart and therefore hungry,
All night long you have sung in vain
Oh, this final broken indrawn breath
Among the green indifferent trees!
Yes, I have gone like a piece of driftwood,
I have let my garden fill with weeds....
I bless you for your true advice
To live as pure a life as yours.

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Wind And Rain

I ponder on the poem of The Precious Dagger.
My road has wound through many years.
...Now yellow leaves are shaken with a gale;
Yet piping and fiddling keep the Blue Houses merry.
On the surface, I seem to be glad of new people;
But doomed to leave old friends behind me,
I cry out from my heart for Xinfeng wine
To melt away my thousand woes.

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