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[L.O. Camacho]

Biography of Lenny Orlando Camacho

Mexico is my home. I wrote my first short story at 11 for a school assignment; my teacher of Spanish nearly failed me because she was convinced I had stole it from somewhere else. I wrote my first two poems at 11 also; my parents prohibited me writing again. I was isolated and shy and those two experiences made me stop writing, but they never made me stop thinking about writing and creating, at least in my head.

Just last year I got out of the prison I had self impossed thanks to some adults that hadn't understood the creative impulses that were driving me at such a tender age. They don't remember those experiences which makes the whole process even sadder. But I am free and am becoming freer as I pour words out of my soul. Updates

Strive For The Sun

The pencil is always calling me;
the words are always forming like a storm;
they push me on to that blank safety
where I can always jump cry be happy and morn;
and all I need is ink paper words
to patch my broken wings
and strive again for the sun
with a little poetry
that, somehow, reforms my soul.

[Hata Bildir]