Lawrence Beck

Lawrence Beck Poems

1. For Those On Break 5/18/2015
2. Incongruent 5/20/2015
3. Something Like Emancipation 5/22/2015
4. Happy Memorial Day! 5/24/2015
5. The Toe Actually Is More Dangerous Than The Heel 5/26/2015
6. On Golden Pond 5/28/2015
7. Unappealing Unobscured 5/30/2015
8. The Swing Era Begins 5/31/2015
9. The Terms Aren'T Synonymous 5/31/2015
10. Edward Hopper's Realm 6/1/2015
11. Gravity 6/6/2015
12. In The Absence Of Facts, Speculation 6/7/2015
13. Refugee 6/11/2015
14. Syrup To Vinegar 6/11/2015
15. Kindred Spirits 6/13/2015
16. Talking Shop With The Good Doctor 6/14/2015
17. In The End, The Solipsist... 6/14/2015
18. Goodbye 6/15/2015
19. Siddhartha's Headed For Vegas! 6/16/2015
20. Submerged 6/18/2015
21. Serial Ariel 6/22/2015
22. Ahead Of A Visit With The Head Shrinker 6/23/2015
23. Therapy 6/24/2015
24. Sore Thumb 6/25/2015
25. A Dash Of Bitters 6/25/2015
26. Bonsai 6/29/2015
27. The Warm Glow Of Reflected Glory 6/29/2015
28. Come Join The Islamic State 6/30/2015
29. Delicate 7/2/2015
30. Happy Times! 7/2/2015
31. Another Pair Of Eyes Or Something Else For These To See? 7/6/2015
32. Dry Redhead/Wet Blonde 7/6/2015
33. Late 7/7/2015
34. For My Therapist 7/8/2015
35. A Rash Act 7/9/2015
36. Two Backward Glances 7/13/2015
37. Look, Jack, I May Be Miserable, But I'M Not Insane 7/13/2015
38. Birds In Hand 7/14/2015
39. Thirty-Four Years Kf Marriage 7/15/2015
40. Viewing Pluto 7/16/2015
Best Poem of Lawrence Beck


Why must we persist with these, our sadly
Bifurcated dreams? You are young and
I am old, and all you want, I realize, is
To be told that you're adored. No one has
Told you this before, and all I want, all
I would ask, in return for my adoration,
Is that you would hold my hand, would,
Someday, somewhere, by a fire, sit by
Me and say you'll stay to see me through
These dusky days. You won't. You
Wouldn't see the point, and, in the end,
You'll slide away to realize the sadly
Circumscibed particulars of what
You've chosen for a grown-up life,
And ...

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Unappealing Unobscured

In time, the ghost will fade away. That's what
They do. The minds which make them tire,
And they lose the will to haunt themselves
With made-up beings. Mine grows distant
As I speak. The woman who I thought it
Was remains, but they've been separated,
One to go away for good, the other, who
Can't haunt me now may stay; perhaps
She'll also go. With no ghost left to hide

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