Lauwo George

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Lauwo George Poems

1. Smile Ye Fineland 5/22/2012
2. The Bullets Shall Sing 6/9/2012
3. The Spell Of A Goat 6/24/2012
4. Colorless Tears 6/25/2012
5. Absolute Rejection 1/10/2014
6. Mystery Of Twin Hearts 1/10/2014
7. When The Sun Shines 1/10/2014
8. Faint Hert......... 1/10/2014
9. Bimbo For Bumblebee (A Child Wannabe) 1/10/2014
10. In Love With A Fatty 1/10/2014
11. Lest My Tears Runs Dry 1/10/2014
12. Manner's In The Wind 1/10/2014
13. Parade Of Nudity 1/10/2014
14. The Art Of Falling 1/10/2014
15. The Legend Of Baraka 1/10/2014
16. The Passing Of Nelson Mandela 1/10/2014
17. Tresure Of Admiration 1/10/2014
18. Valentine 1/10/2014
19. Victim Of May 1/10/2014
20. Countryside 1/10/2014
21. All Play And No Work 1/10/2014
22. Silent Mind 1/10/2014
23. My Name Is Leo 1/10/2014
24. Thoughts Of A Terrorist 1/10/2014
25. As Salaam Dar Es Salaam 3/16/2014
26. Cyber Angel 4/14/2014
27. Black Gown 1/10/2014
28. Beloved Father 1/10/2014
29. Obama! Obama! 6/25/2012
30. Punctuation 1/10/2014
31. Black Dot 1/10/2014
32. Hero 1/10/2014
Best Poem of Lauwo George


She looks at me
Looks at me every day,
She looks at me with lusty eyes.
She thinks I am a hero
Kind of hero
She’s been longing for
The hero of her heart

She’s seen heroes
Bogus heroes
Fake heroes
False heroes
Fantasy heroes
Muscular heroes
And heroes of heroes

I am a real hero
One she’s never seen
Her eyes can’t see
Anything remarkable in me
Her senses can’t feel
Anything unique in me
But her heart
Her uncompromising heart
Has fallen for me

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Obama! Obama!

From Bungoma to Oklahoma
It's Obama! Obama! Our Barack Obama.
Lips and tongues ululate your name, and
Your ideology is a hot topic within the intelligentsia.

Are you the real reincarnation
Of Martin Luther and his King-size dream.
In broad daylight, Luther dreamt of no color or race.
Can you dare to dream of a paradise of all faces.

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