Kelvin Owusu

(15-10-1988 / Ghana)

Biography of Kelvin Owusu

'Fear ignites negativity, negativity feeds anger, anger turns to hate.. how fast a negative mind can manifest. To save a life, promote kindness, inject love into the vein, implant a positive thought in a Negative mind to spark beauty within a smile.'
-Kelvin K Owusu

These are my thoughts, un spoken
just numbers written in letters
an open book padlocked
an interpretation words unable
own style of poetry
a slow pace of the rhyme of my heartbeat
if seen a seat is in order, just five minutes of your time
place the gluteus maximus here
an insight of the world through the mind
and eyes that is of my own
a lonely but happy soul
give it a spin and let my world unfold
a spark, not of genius but a simplicity unseen
maybe a smile is in order and relax it's free

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To The Moon

Fly with me
lets dance on the rings of Saturn
take you around the world, better yet
see the world from the moons point of view
beautiful isn't it
that's the way I see you.

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