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I am a lover not a fighter but I will fight for what I believe in. I love my poetry and I love to write it. I think poetry is the one of the only reasons why I am dealing with life instead of running. I don't hate my life I just hate some of the people who have come into it and then destroyed it. Almost all my poems are about love and not in a good way. There are some poems that don't really have a meaning to them or a person their about. When I get an idea I just write and most of the time they turn into lots of poems. Everyone worries about me even though they shouldn't. I first started to write when I was in 7th grade at Hurley I think that was the only reason why I really liked that school My life is a story all on its own and I know I am so young so how can I write about love. Well it wasn't love that really got me started on poetry. It was nothing but a lie. My boyfriend at the time told me a lie and that is where a lot of my poems come from. I know sounds like I should see someone believe me my family wants me to go see someone. Well I want to be that someone that helps kids like me, so tell me how I can help them solve their own problems when everyone thinks I can't solve my own. Well I can and my answer is poetry. And I love it, it's the best thing any of my ex-boyfriends have ever done for me. They have given me ideas for my poetry and for that, I am grateful. I know I sound weird but that is me you could say I got it from my fav. Poet. Edger Allen Poe. Just kinda the rest is all me and so I hope my poetry effects everyone as much as it effects me.

Kelsea Osterman's Works:

I have 2 poems published in 2 different books. Updates

Never More

yes. no. yes. maybe. no. yes.
So many things going through my
mind. What he thinks, she thinks,
He wants, He wants. Just so many
thinga spinning around. What about
hir or him or even him? I'm going
to lose my mind. He wants this, but
she wants that. But he wants her
and she wants the other. so many

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