Keki Daruwalla

(1937 - / Lahore / British India (Pakistan))

Keki Daruwalla Poems

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14. Suddenly The Tree 3/28/2012
Best Poem of Keki Daruwalla

Suddenly The Tree

The hive slept like Argus
its thousand eyes covered with bees.
The light as it fell through the neem tree
was a marine light, in which
yellow moths set sail
from one perforated shadow to another.
The hive was mystic,
a drugged mantra
with its dark syllables asleep.
As the afternoon wore on
the honey-thieves came
and smoked the bees out
and carved out a honey-laden
crescent for themselves
and left a lump of pocked wax behind.
The bees roamed the house,
too bewildered to sting the children.
At night they slept, clinging
to the tree fork, now ...

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