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Karen GonzalezVidela Poems

1. The Bad Side 6/17/2013
2. The Human Brain 8/13/2013
3. Never Wait 8/10/2013
4. Tears Of Surrender 4/11/2014
5. The Run For Glory 1/28/2015
6. Sticks And Stones 9/18/2015
7. Tic.Toc. Alarm Clock. 6/27/2016
8. Look At Me Now 6/18/2013
9. Unknown 6/18/2013
10. Nothing But Void 6/14/2013
11. Finally Loving 6/14/2013
12. I Know 7/5/2013
13. Come To Me For Advice 7/10/2013
14. You, My Ocean 8/7/2013
15. What Life Takes, Life Returns 6/17/2013
16. My Only Love 8/9/2013
17. Long And Boring, Short And Sweet 8/11/2013
18. Hope 3/27/2014
19. Humans' Homework 8/24/2013
20. How 8/27/2013
21. In The Past I Never Saw 1/27/2015
22. I'Ll Die With You 8/13/2013
23. Trees 11/14/2013
24. When You Show Me 7/5/2013
25. If You So Love Me 6/14/2013
26. Sky Of Daisies 9/20/2015
27. Life 1/26/2014
28. The Afterlife 1/2/2014
29. The Pessimist And The Optimist 7/11/2013
30. As Good As 8/8/2013
31. Beginning And End 6/14/2013
32. I Do Not Blame You 8/7/2013
33. Invisible 8/13/2013
34. Nature Talks To Me 8/11/2013
35. Free Like A Bird 8/14/2013
Best Poem of Karen GonzalezVidela

Free Like A Bird

Freedom is like a bird;
It is the wind that cools your face,
The sun burning on your skin
When the only place left
Is nature and the rest.
Liberty is your voice,
The one who was finally heard.
It is the thought that says
You will never be chased again;
It is that feeling
That lets you trust,
But that at the same time
Was created by not trusting too much.
Freedom is when you can run,
When you can grab a hand
And not feel trapped.
Freedom is not
When someone likes you,
But when you
Like yourself.

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Beginning And End

Raining that morning was.
Huge, black clouds covered the sky.
But there it sat,
in the tree in front,
a beautiful black cat.
And then said I
why do they say bad luck
from this creature of nature
that shall never make you cry?

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