Julie McLeod

Julie McLeod Poems

1. Natures relations to you 3/27/2013
2. Exuses.. Excuses 6/17/2013
3. It's all the same 3/20/2013
4. Betrayed by you 3/28/2013
5. waves frrom Melbourne Part 2 6/4/2013
6. How 6/5/2013
7. Don't Drink and Drive 3/20/2013
8. Waves From Melbourne 6/4/2013
9. Waves From Melbourne Part 3 6/4/2013


What has my life become, is what they said true
Was the you I thought I knew, not you?
Did you lie to me, so innocent and niave
Take me away, make it to hard to breath?

I fell for you so hard, I fell past the floor,
I gave you what you wanted but you wanted more.
I thought that you were smart and responisble,
But that was all a lie, your not incredible.

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