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Biography of Julie A Smith

I am a new fan of the poet Pablo Neruda, and an internet search for his poetry led me to poemhunter.com. I have always enjoyed both creative writing and inspirational writing. I am currently re-embracing my poetic side. My poetic bent leans to poems about love, rejection, heartache, and feelings of being constantly overlooked. I also enjoy writing about faith, hope, and God. I believe in love even though I have not been very successful at it. I am a modern poet with an old-school flavor. I embrace words such as “thus” and “ado” and “lament.” Medieval times, the world of knights, castles, and chivalry have a mystical allure to me, and a piece of my heart may forever remain in Scotland. What else? I am a Christian, and that faith foundation greatly influences my poetry. My gender also is influential in my writings, as well as my Sociological and Counseling background. Personality-wise, I am a sensitive and tender-hearted individual. I was extremely shy as a child, but now I am a friendly and people-oriented woman who occassionally needs alone time to unwind, ponder, and be introspective.

I am currently experimenting with different poetic styles. I enjoy free verse and utilize that style more often than rhyming poetry. I like to tell a story in my poetry or deal with matters of the heart. I also enjoy utilizing personification and repetition of keywords. While grammar is unfortunately not my forte, I want to clarify that in a few of my poems I have purposefully utilized more informal expressions or slang terms heard in popular society, such as gotta. I want to broaden my poetic range and have my poetry be more universal, inclusive, and relevant.

I have recently been pondering about taking a creative writing class in poetry or fiction writing, and I have searched online and looked at numerous college courses and writing programs. It would be beneficial to receive more training and instruction in order to further develop my writing.

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Rainy Day

A rainy day
full of fog and a dreary feel
even though the temperature
is a pleasant 43 degrees outside,
and I am enjoying my three day weekend
since I took an extra day off work
for my birthday weekend.

Sipping my caramel latte

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