Treasure Island

John Thorkild Ellison

(17/04/51 / Edinburgh)

Biography of John Thorkild Ellison

For biography, please see my poem 'The Failed Mystic'.

John Thorkild Ellison's Works:

'Shadowy Flowers of Orcus' volume of poems privately published in limited edition by Newcastle Bookshop at Haltwhistle. Also, similarly, a thin volume called 'Poetry Kills'. And in 2009, a new volume entitled ' A Bit of a Larkin'. In 2011, 'Wendy Couldn't Cope' In 2012 'An Elegy for My Father' Updates

A Poem to his Fair Lady

I've got to remember you're 'just a friend'
Or my breaking heart will never mend,
I feel so lost, alone and sad
And the pain of it will drive me mad,

I can't go on with this pretence
Or act with simple common sense,
Though I know it will only drive you away
If I beg too much for you to stay!

[Hata Bildir]