John F. McCullagh

Rookie - 766 Points [The Hobbit] (09/28/1954 / Flushing)

Poems of John F. McCullagh

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16. A knife in the Heart 2/11/2011
17. A Life in the Theater 5/1/2010
18. A Light before Dying (Dark humor) 9/28/2010
19. A Little Bit of Brooklyn 8/29/2010
20. A Loss like No Other 11/16/2013

For God and Country

"Did I hesitate a moment? Did I stop and wonder why?
We were ordered to attack from some blunderer up high.
We were all, I think, afraid. Who wouldn't be right then?
Those Russians were entrenched and had artillery with them.
We must have looked magnificent on our chargers riding high
As we rode for God and Country, we knew Death was standing by.
I saw my brother Henry die and more brave lads besides.
We dressed the line and galloped on, We who were about to die.
My horse was shot

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