Treasure Island

John Burroughs

(3 April 1837 – 29 March 1921 / Roxbury, New York)

Poems of John Burroughs

1. Bluebird 5/21/2012
2. The Bobolink 5/21/2012
3. The Coming of Phoebe 5/21/2012
4. The Crow 5/21/2012
5. The Downy Woodpecker 5/21/2012
6. The Partridge 5/21/2012
7. Waiting 1/1/2004

The Coming of Phoebe

When buckets shine 'gainst maple trees
And dropp by dropp the sap doth flow,
When days are warm, but still nights freeze,
And deep in woods lie drifts of snow,
When cattle low and fret in stall,
Then morning brings the phoebe's call,
phoebe, phoebe,' a cheery note,
While cackling hens make such a rout.

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