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Poems of jenie hart

1. Christmas time is here again 7/25/2013
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5. I Quit 7/22/2013
6. Into the poem 7/7/2013
7. Monk 8/28/2013
8. Never again 7/25/2013
9. One Fateful Day 7/25/2013
10. Perfection in my Eyes 7/25/2013
11. Religious cry 7/7/2013
12. When I See Them Fly I Will Feel You Near 7/25/2013

One Fateful Day

No river's span is quite as vast
No mountain's reach so high.
No rose's scent is quite as sweet
As the love I hold inside.

Every time I see your face and
Every time you smile,
Every time I kiss your lips,
My love grows all the while

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