Jawad Al Harake

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Biography of Jawad Al Harake

I am a Lebanese man whose hobby and passion to write poems began at the age of fourteen. I was just amazed by the pattern a poet uses to organize his poem which is carefully written. Especially, I was impressed by the ability of a poet to have the talent of producing musical tunes which in the same time conveys a deep and touching message, expresses a profound feeling, teaches a precious life lesson etc...Then, I decided to give it a shot. So, I started writing poems and found later that I do have the talent of writing poems. Since then, reading and writing poetry became one of my best hobbies. As a matter of fact, writing poems isn't exactly a hobby to me, it's more than that. Before writing a poem, a deep feeling urges me to extract my screaming emotions and transform them into words, and thus feeling the stress getting calm. So, writing a poem is more like an approach to relief myself from the emotions trapped inside of me.

My sayings:

1) Not respecting your priorities is like counting number 2 then number 1.

2) The intelligence isn't about knowing everything, it's about how you benefit from the things you know.

3) If you can do it today my fellow, then don't postpone it for tomorrow, for tomorrow may come, and you're in a narrow tomb.

4) If you can't make things better, then, at least, do not make them worse.

5) A cloud does not rain carrots to a rabbit, but it sure does rain water that grows carrots. God may not grant you what you need, want and dream of directly and today, but he will give you other things that will lead you to have what you want and even more, so just be patient.

6) Every one of us can fly, but we only need to learn how to spread our wings.

7) A word can change many things, but an action can change everything.

8) Beware of what you always do because your actions will become a habit that defines you.

9) Everything in this life is temporary except your work and reputation. So, try to excel in your work to keep your reputation good and permanent, and thus to stay alive in every person's heart and brain.

10) Even your brother can be your greatest enemy.

11) Small details are, sometimes, more important than big ones.

12) Going with the current doesn't always mean that you're going in the right direction. Sometimes, you must resist because it may drift you to a deadly brink.

13) The past is a lesson, the present is a test, and the future will manifest the results.

14) If you are better than others, they envy you, if others are better, they'll make a mockery of you, and if you're nearly equal: they'll try to race you, if they win, they'll make a mockery of you, and if you win, they'll envy you. And there remains the very rare people who are called 'friends'.

15) A normal person follows the crowd. But a great person makes his own path, and let the crowd follow him.

Becoming a Poet

The first poem made me sigh
The second poem was worth a try

The third poem made me a poet
It was somehow good and I know it

The fourth poem made me renowned
Because of its excellence, I was crowned

The fifth poem was one of its kind
It left the others all behind

Then, poetry became to me like water
My whole life it did alter

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I Love Thee Blindly

I'll give thee my heart; I'll give thee my eyes
I'll give thee the best of love
But don't give me 'goodbyes'
And that would be enough

My dear, let thy body and mine be one
And share together what life gave
From tragedy and grief to pleasure and fun
And end our lives in the same grave

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