Jasmine Fafanyo Awagah

[Fafanyo The Pryme] (6th September 1994 / Accra)

Poems of Jasmine Fafanyo Awagah

1. A Nightmare In Reality 10/24/2013
2. A Tale About This Name 10/24/2013
3. Here Love There 10/24/2013
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5. I Love Her 1/14/2014
6. I Want To Let You Know 1/13/2014
7. I Will Play the Background 1/17/2014
8. Lost In The RIvers Of Love 10/20/2013
9. Love Of Two Bees And I 10/20/2013
10. My Confession To You 11/5/2013
11. My Definition Of Love 10/30/2013
12. Smiles of Tears 1/17/2014
13. The Beauty of Pain 8/26/2014
14. The Boy Who Grew In The Slums 12/17/2013
15. The Crying Car 12/2/2013
16. The Decorated Proposal 10/20/2013
17. The Journey Of A Tear 10/20/2013
18. The Pool Of Love 10/19/2013
19. The Transition 10/21/2013
20. Times Past 1/17/2014

The Pool Of Love

I have heard of it
Many people talked about it
They talked about how they felt it
Others said they lost it when they found it
Some also said they shed it when it faded, broke their hearts into halves
As curious as I was I wanted to see for myself
On my way, I sensed it
It was so beautiful so I walked to it
It was a big pool so i run my finger through it and tasted it

[Hata Bildir]