Jane Hirshfield

(New York / United States)

Jane Hirshfield Poems

1. Mosquito 6/23/2015
2. Mathematics 12/4/2015
3. This Was Once a Love Poem 7/3/2015
4. Left-Handed Sugar 4/30/2015
5. My Proteins 6/23/2015
6. The Heat of Autumn 1/22/2016
7. A Person Protests to Fate 5/26/2015
8. To Judgment: An Assay 12/2/2015
9. Heat 1/22/2016
10. Rebus 5/23/2013
11. Standing Deer 5/23/2013
12. Da Capo 12/15/2014
13. Tree 5/23/2013
14. A Hand 5/23/2013
15. The Envoy 5/23/2013
16. A Blessing For Wedding 2/3/2015
17. The Weighing 5/23/2013
18. Metempsychosis 5/23/2013
19. The Task 5/23/2013
20. The Heart's Counting Knows Only One 5/23/2013
21. Changing Everything 9/12/2014
Best Poem of Jane Hirshfield

Changing Everything

I was walking again
in the woods,
a yellow light
was sifting all I saw.

with a cold heart,
I took a stick,
lifted it to the opposite side
of the path.

There, I said to myself,
that's done now.
Brushing one hand against the other,
to clean them
of the tiny fragments of bark.

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A Hand

A hand is not four fingers and a thumb.

Nor is it palm and knuckles,
not ligaments or the fat's yellow pillow,
not tendons, star of the wristbone, meander of veins.

A hand is not the thick thatch of its lines
with their infinite dramas,
nor what it has written,

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