James Phillip McAuley

(12 October 1917 – 15 October 1976 / Lakemba, New South Wales)

James Phillip McAuley Poems

1. Marginal Note 1/1/2004
2. Magpie 4/12/2010
3. Winter Morning 4/12/2010
4. Durer: Innsbruck, 1495 4/12/2010
5. Because 5/9/2012
6. Pieta 5/9/2012
7. Meanwhile, In Another Part Of The War 5/9/2012
8. A Poem in Place of a Lecture 5/9/2012
9. Credo 5/9/2012
10. At a Child's Grave 5/9/2012
11. Iris 5/9/2012

Durer: Innsbruck, 1495

I had often, cowled in the slumbrous heavy air,
Closed my inanimate lids to find it real,
As I knew it would be, the colourful spires
And painted roofs, the high snows glimpsed at the back
All reversed in the quiet reflecting waters –
Not knowing than that Durer perceived it too.
Now I find that once more I have shrunk
To an interloper, robber of dead men’s dreams,
I had read in books that art is not easy

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