James Martin Devaney

(31 May 1890 - 14 August 1976 / Sandhurst, Victoria)

Poems of James Martin Devaney

1. A Dedication 5/7/2012
2. Dark Road 5/7/2012
3. Dirrawan the Song-Maker 1/1/2004
4. Outlines 5/7/2012
5. The Bunyip 4/21/2010
6. The Frog Pool 1/1/2004
7. Winter Westerlies 4/21/2010

Winter Westerlies

Leaning against the wind across the paddock ways
comes Dan home with forward stoop like a man bent and old,
clashes the door in haste as one pursued: 'By Christ, it's cold!'
and crooks his fingers to the blaze.

We do not live these days, but each exhausting day
unnerved we numbly wait return of life, and must abide
the wind, the still beleaguering wind; all voices else outside
imperioulsy it has blown away.

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