Treasure Island

Jacob Okhuelegbe Ukokobili

[The Black Poet] (31/05/1985 / Nigeria)

Poems of Jacob Okhuelegbe Ukokobili

1. I Can't Wait 12/11/2013
2. I Cry... 4/13/2013
3. Simply Amazing 12/11/2013
4. Tales of Love 4/12/2013
5. Troubled Heart 10/23/2013
6. Uayemen (my safe heaven) 4/13/2013

Simply Amazing

It always tears of water drop
that frost the heart,
like a froze rose petal at winter,
So the goodbye comes quickly.

Going to miss you in hush tone,
We whisper faintly
Under majestic silver moon light
As we path quietly.

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