Treasure Island

Jaclyn Brantley

Poems of Jaclyn Brantley

1. A letter to Ashley 3/28/2013
2. Angels 3/28/2013
3. Jennifer’s Poem 3/28/2013
4. Leaving a Mark on Life 3/28/2013
5. Never Ending Love 3/28/2013
6. When Life Gets Crazy 3/28/2013

When Life Gets Crazy

There are days I want to run,
There are days I feel I can’t climb that mountain anymore
There are days I feel falling to my knees and begging God please.
God never gives what one can’t handle,
But sometimes it feels like life is a roller coaster that’s out of control.

Just when I feel like I can’t go anymore, I pull out my phone,
Take a deep breath, look at my little angels face, and I keep pushing.
My Child is my will to succeed, my child is my strength to keep moving, my child is a

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