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jackrabbit krjs

Rookie (12-1-94 / Carlsbad, New Mexico)

Poems of jackrabbit krjs

1. 4th of july love 7/4/2009
2. All I got to say is bye bye 8/5/2009
3. as we lay in bed 6/24/2009
4. Don't 1/29/2009
5. 'dont take it personaly' 5/14/2009
6. fear 5/4/2009
7. friends 12/16/2008
8. froze 7/1/2009
9. fun 5/4/2009
10. He can walk 3/26/2009
11. Hides her crown 3/17/2010
12. I can feel that your gone 7/10/2009
13. I dont know 1/2/2009
14. I dont need you 4/29/2009
15. I hate it all 3/25/2009
16. I hate this game 6/23/2009
17. I love you 12/17/2008
18. i need you 6/24/2009
19. I regret 4/26/2009
20. i still love you 7/9/2009


when will they finally see that im alone when there with me
they sit and talk and joke around and i feal like ive let them down
i dont talk i just listen to what they have to say and hope they dont find out one day
im alone, all by my self my counciler says its bad for my health
so i sit and hope they give me a chance
thats hard to do when you lose all your friends
my friends thats what they say
but to me i see it a different way

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