Isam Hussain

(8-12-1938 / Iraq)

Poems of Isam Hussain

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102. Two Loves 5/21/2013
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105. Western Leaders Make it Plain 5/21/2013
106. What Is Left? 5/21/2013
107. What is Time? 5/21/2013
108. What Say You? 5/21/2013
109. What Will Be Will Be 5/21/2013
110. Winter, the Unwelcomed Guest 5/21/2013
111. Yesterday and Today 5/21/2013

A Game of Bridge

The pack is shuffled and cut,
the dealer gives each his lot.
I sense Hope welling up within,
whispering, “It is your turn to win”.

I pick up my allotted share,
expecting a set good and fair;
a hand I can play with flair.
My Hope is dashed, I despair.

[Hata Bildir]