Isam Hussain

Rookie - 60 Points (8-12-1938 / Iraq)

Isam Hussain Poems

81. The Exile 5/21/2013
82. The Eyes Of Horus 5/21/2013
83. The First Christmas 5/21/2013
84. The Fox Laments 5/21/2013
85. The Gift Of Faith 5/21/2013
86. The Illusion Of Time 5/21/2013
87. The Jaded Editor 5/21/2013
88. The Lamb 5/21/2013
89. The Man That Never Was 5/21/2013
90. The Mendicant 5/21/2013
91. The Mystery Of Life 5/21/2013
92. The Objective And The Subjective 5/21/2013
93. The Poet And The Painter 5/21/2013
94. The Price Of Freedom 5/21/2013
95. The Soul 5/21/2013
96. The Tsunami (Boxing Day 2004, South East Asia) 5/21/2013
97. The Victim 5/21/2013
98. The Way Of True Friendship 5/21/2013
99. They Are No Longer With Us 5/21/2013
100. Third World Debt 5/21/2013
101. Two Loves 5/21/2013
102. Unrequited Love 3/14/2015
103. Valentine Day 5/21/2013
104. Was It Really So? 5/16/2013
105. Western Leaders Make It Plain 5/21/2013
106. What Is Left? 5/21/2013
107. What Is Time? 5/21/2013
108. What Say You? 5/21/2013
109. What Will Be Will Be 5/21/2013
110. Winter, The Unwelcomed Guest 5/21/2013
111. Yesterday And Today 5/21/2013
Best Poem of Isam Hussain

The Eyes Of Horus

Once, the eyes of Horus
shone with equal brilliance,
sun and moon
played hide and seek
like two lovers in dalliance.
Then jealousy raised its head,
Seth raised his hand
against his brother, Osiris.

Lying in wait,
Seth bends his bow,
fires a vengeful arrow,
misses King Osiris,
strikes the eye of Horus,
wounding it, dimming its light.
Now the moon hides in darkness
while the sun boasts of its brightness.

The moon grows daily
more jealous and angry;
its full face burns with fury,
but can’t regain its past glory. ...

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Good Friday Again

The prophet Isaiah spoke of this day,
He foretold of pain, sorrow and shame.
The world would never again be the same,
For those who had lost their way.
Death is not the end of living,
it's a gateway to a new beginning,
all that's needed is an Easter Morning.

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