Indira Renganathan

Indira Renganathan Poems

1121. What Was He.. 7/4/2011
1122. Wheeling 11/26/2009
1123. When Giddiness Attacks 11/7/2015
1124. When The First Bell Is Tolled.. 5/22/2010
1125. When The First Ray Lights The Sky 6/9/2011
1126. Where's Hidden That Bliss Of Peace? 8/1/2011
1127. Whose Fault? 6/11/2008
1128. Whose Name I Don'T Know 11/17/2010
1129. Why Do They Laugh....? 7/9/2011
1130. Wind Mills 3/26/2009
1131. Window 11/19/2010
1132. Window Track 3/22/2015
1133. Winter 5/18/2008
1134. Wisdom Parrot 5/1/2008
1135. Wishing The New Year 4/23/2008
1136. Withering Petals White.. 12/2/2010
1137. Witty Victor(Limerick) 9/26/2015
1138. Wonder Boy 5/1/2008
1139. Wonderbond 11/25/2011
1140. Words 5/27/2015
1141. World 1/19/2012
1142. World Peace 8/20/2008
1143. Writing 5/2/2008
1144. Your Attention Please 4/20/2008
1145. Zodiac 6/15/2008
Best Poem of Indira Renganathan

Alankar(Decor) -87

A Recipe(Uneven Couplet) -
The uneven couplet is paired lines of different length
rhymed or unrhymed, metered or unmetered.

A Recipe

That you would relish I'm sure
This recipe try it with pleasure

Clean the insight in time sufficient
Wash off anger, enmity and hate

Put the mind on the burning heart
Put in the thoughts all to melt

Ladle in between a large of intellect
Stir in hope a heapful amount

Let all blend with a bliss intent
Until valour and courage result

Throw meantime in the flaming heart
Burnt to ashes filth...

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Agraharam I Lived In

Sun broke the night five decades ago
Sanctified the cow dung soil to glow
An Agraharam woke up
Fabulous brahminical kolams rounded up

Prototypic in two rows adjoined
Houses erected, front and rear entered, exited
Uniform with a semi open porch
Unique style spoken on a stone bench

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