Ian Jobst

Rookie - 148 Points (October 14,1999 / Oxford)

Ian Jobst Poems

1. Avalonian Pyre 12/3/2013
2. New Tactics 12/16/2013
3. My Nefarious Love 1/10/2014
4. Humanity 2/4/2014
5. Silenced Flame 2/14/2014
6. Love Flutter 2/27/2014
7. Poetic Justice 2/27/2014
8. The End Game 4/17/2014
9. Know 4/17/2014
10. The Soldier 4/17/2014
11. I'M Going To Testify To 4/28/2014
12. Inception 5/5/2014
13. Untitled- Sonnet 5/5/2014
14. Et Tu Brute 5/6/2015
15. Waste 5/8/2015
16. Dispatched 5/8/2015
17. I Bid Thee Ado 5/8/2015
18. Løve 5/12/2015
19. The Pensive Page 9/14/2015
20. Eighteen Moons 5/23/2013
21. Lullaby Of A Sleepless Love 5/23/2013
22. A Proud Lullaby 5/23/2013
23. The Tale Of Me 9/30/2013
24. Ostracization Of A Troglodyte 11/26/2013
25. Embers Of The Final Ressurection 7/27/2013
26. The Truths Of Fire 6/30/2013
27. On The Field Of Battle 5/23/2013
28. A Beautiful Redemption 5/23/2013
29. An Ode To The Day Of Lightless Fire 9-11 9/17/2013
30. Immortal Tears 7/5/2013
31. The Path Less Taken- Sonnet 5/23/2013
32. The Cripple Who Is Whole 7/27/2013
Best Poem of Ian Jobst

The Path Less Taken- Sonnet

Great primordial hearken unto me,
My task’s not done, yet cannot be so,
I shall travel this road until I’m free,
I must reap by the seeds, of which I grow,
Tempted shall I be by both vain and greed,
I shall be received by my heart’s desire,
I shan’t ever follow, but always lead
For none can extinguish, my hearts fire
I preside over a kingdom of one
O’ Many drop by, but they seldom stay
I’ll kindly reign till my days are done
I shall lighten hearts until the last day
And so whenever your heart feels hollow,
Never succumb, just trust me and follow

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The Truths Of Fire

Long ago fire came to man's aid
It emitted the light that the night forbade
Again fire came as ice crept the land
It carried light, and warmth in each hand
But now we need fire to do it's last deed
it must burn bright and inflame man's greed
For fire came and we took it for our own
We must pray for it to burn the seeds which we've sown
What species would miss us were our time spent

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