Bronze Star - 2,930 Points (JUNE 7 1964 / ABERDEEN)


401. Word 2/6/2017
402. Word Block 5/18/2013
403. Word Lash... 3/13/2014
404. Word Sponge 7/2/2014
405. Word Troubles 3/8/2014
406. Words Have Souls Too... 4/29/2013
407. Worth Killing Your Self 10/3/2013
408. X 7/1/2014
409. Yellow 6/15/2015
410. Yellow Button In The Blue 2/22/2014
411. Young Seal 2/10/2014
412. Your Little World 5/6/2014
413. Yule Log 12/21/2014
414. Yu-See-Aye-Do-See... 1/24/2014
415. Zebra 4/1/2014

Before Night Falls...

I can't quite describe
the way they dragged
those sacks
of weightless carcasses
around, their floppy crevices,
hairy dead vaginal lips
shrunken penises,

a mass of dislocated
body parts and taut faces,
confounded genitalia!

yet to run back again,
and thrust your entire
self against it,
the dead grainy B&W
dead film of time,
always close beside us,
like your brain,
and the gaping hole
in your head,
lying there like a cold
blue omellete,
on the grass, beside you...

as if one could feed or feel
a ...

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Most Usual...

The obvious man
in his obvious shoes,
in his obvious home,
pours over his obviously
questioning mind,

It's so obvious, isn't it?
that i will protect my whole
sense of self with an obviously

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