Goswami Tulsidas

(1543-1623 / Rajpur, Uttar Pradesh / India)

Poems of Goswami Tulsidas

1. Doha 8/31/2010
2. Glimpse of the Invisible 3/15/2012
3. Maya (translated in English) 8/31/2010
4. Prayer (Translated in English) 8/31/2010
5. Prayer 2 (translated in English) 8/31/2010
6. Prayer 3 (translated in English) 8/31/2010
7. Sound Celestial 3/15/2012
8. The Rainy Season 3/15/2012
9. Truth Lies Within 3/15/2012
10. Within This Body 3/15/2012

The Rainy Season

In whom longing for the Beloved hath taken abode,
Every moment his body becometh feeble and enervated.
A stream of tears constantly flows from his eyes;
The pangs of pain ceaselessly smart his body and mind.

Like rivers in Sawan and Bhadon, overflows the stream of my love.
Day and night I long for Him and tears fall like incessant rain.

The pain for my Beloved increasingly penetrates my being every moment;

[Hata Bildir]