Goodnews mememugh Karibo

[Goodnews mememugh karibo]

Biography of Goodnews mememugh Karibo

Goodnews mememugh karibo is a thriving poet and writer that has a whole lot to unravel from the world of creativity.He's a native of Amalem community in Abua/Odual l.g.a in Rivers state of Nigeria.His works portray deep emotion and straight messages too.He stumbled into creative writing years back though he didn't indulge in literary studies while in school.Moulding words and painting pictures with them in the mind has since then eaten deep in him.He's currently working eminently on works of art.A single youth striving to better a living. Updates


Icy avalanche
of temperate temperatures oozing chilling chills down the rocky ribs of archaic valleys

eroded strides of lustrous magma sweeping restlessly black textured drops of nature-packed liquid

above airy clouds,
liberated wide-winged birds push the sun's curtains to surf its abode

breezy breezes blowing boisterously below busy bushes

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