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Gold Star - 12,256 Points (June 30,1948 / New York, NY USA)

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Glen Kappy poet

To the Reader,

First, thank you for your time and attention. Below is some background which I hope will give you a better “feel” and understanding of my poetry.

I was raised in inner city New York. My father was from Jewish background, my mother from Anglo-Protestant background, but both were alienated from their traditions. Agnostic themselves, they raised my siblings and me to make our own decisions about religion. Ironically, perhaps, from college on I grew increasingly drawn to “the God question, ” with my initial interest in the Hindu, Buddhist, and Tao traditions. At age twenty-five and desperate to know God personally, I had an experience that led me to become a Christian. Now, more than forty years later and with significant change in between, I am associated with a local Mennonite community.

The three big loves of my life in the order they happened were sports, girls/women, and God.

The earliest poem I can remember writing was to my first serious girlfriend. A few years later I met poet Ree Dragonette, started a poetry reading in a college coffee house I co-managed, and started writing more seriously. That was nearly fifty years ago, and helped by others to improve my craft, I welcome the opportunity to receive and give suggestions toward this end. In this I've become further sensitized as a licensed Language Arts teacher, which I took up as a second career.

Early on I learned to think of nature as a teacher. These days as a walker in our neighborhood with lots of open space and as the main gardener of the property around our home, I am brought into intimacy with it.

By grace my wife and I celebrated our fortieth anniversary this year and have seen our sons mature into men. We are fond of our daughter-in-law and adore our granddaughter whose language acquisition I have followed with particular interest.

Lastly, and not knowing a better place to say this, I want to express my appreciation for I first became acquainted with it while searching for particular poems and poets. Then I realized I could post my own poems there. (I love the levelling in this!) At this stage in my life I am mainly interested in sharing my poems with others, and how great it is to give and receive comments from people all over the world! For me one of the best things in literature is to identify with the experience of a writer. In its own way, then, is contributing to understanding in our world that badly needs it, besides being a resource for and promoter of poetry.

August 2016

Glen Kappy's Works:

I have no hardcopy books. But I will be happy to send either or both of my two (mostly finished) collections in PDF format While Passing Through: A Sampler or While Passing Through: Fourteen Favorites to anyone who requests them (email me at . These are easy to navigate with title and contents pages and with the poems grouped by type.

I also have a book in which I tell of my high-point experiences of God communicating with me. It's called I Heard God Speaking, and I'll be glad to send it when requested at the email address above.

I am currently working on While Passing Through: Collected Poems which is a larger and evolving work.

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